A Small Post to Appease Mom Until More Things Happen

Well today we finally arrived near Asheville. Soon we will be working on this farm type thing for a while. It’s pretty awesome there. It’s on top of a mountain and all of the buildings are really old and whatnot. There’s a bit of random debris around on the ground, like a dozen casks of veggie oil.

We camped outside of the mountain (like an hour away) in case we couldn’t get into it with the trailer. Heh. The place we are in right now is actually harder to get out of than the other place. There is this really steep hill here that’s really hard to get on and off.

I still don’t know what we will be doing on this farm, but that’s nothing new. Nothing is really certain. I don’t have much to write about now (Sorry Mom!), but I assume that I will soon.

Until then, Jacob out.

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