A Post With Very Little Substance

Mom is making me blog. There isn’t much to say. It’s been about three days since the last update, so not much has happened. Only one major thing has happened, and that’s the trip to legoland, which I shall recount shortly. We also went to have dinner with some other homeschoolers, which was nice, but rather uneventful.

Legoland is a weird place. Everything is made out of legos. Not to say that they’re actual legos. No, everything is made of lego SHAPES. Yes, there are a few sculptures from the bricks, but the rest are just shapes made from plastic that look like legos. The rides weren’t too extreme, but they were perfect for the age group that lego appeals to, 6-12. I myself prefer larger rides, but these sufficed. The most exciting ride was this lego technic thing that broke down while we were on it. The ride had very sharp turns about 50 feet up, and while we were whirling around one, we heard “excuse me folks, we’re having some technical difficulties.” Now mind you that this was about fifty feet in the air. In the end, we had to wait for about five minutes while a repairman moseyed on over to fix teh darn thing. That would have been fine, but my seatbelt had been tightened too far, and I was rather cramped. It was all rather funny.

These days, I spend my time doing classes on Khan Academy and drawing. It’s fun and awesome. (Do you know what a Quaesar is? If not, go find out. Es mucho interesting!)

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