A New Tailgate

October 5, 2006

Ellie, and thus I, was up by 6:25. Ugh. This baby girl has got to learn to sleep in a bit later.

We had school in the morning. The kids filled in a booklet to earn their Kentucky Land Between The Lakes Junior Ranger Badge.

After lunch we headed over to the planetarium and saw the show Ring Worlds about the space probe Collier/G something that was launched in 1997 to explore Saturn. Then afterward they showed the night sky here and pointed out some stars to look for.

At the very beginning of the show, they quoted onscreen, Lord Alfred Tennyson, who Jacob is studying for his poetry. He recognized the poem as one he had just read. That was too cool. I just love it when stuff like that happens.

The Brakes Were Acting Up

The brakes on the truck had been acting up, so we decided to head immediately back to camp and find a mechanic. Phil stopped at the office, and they recommended a local guy, so he dropped us off at camp and went over.

The guy at first said he couldn’t work on it till next week, but then decided to at least look at it. He crawled underneath and said that the emergency brake was stuck on. He released it and that seemed to fix the problem.

He Would Not Take Any Money

He wouldn’t take any money. Phil thinks it may have been like that since we’ve had the truck. According to him, the brakes feel different now – not so grabby.

Later in the early evening, while Phil was outside puttering around, a local guy came by and introduced himself. They talked for quite a while and later Phil told me to come look at our truck. It was sporting a v-shaped tailgate on it.

Neither Would This Guy

Apparently, Phil had told him what had happened to our tailgate and the guy had given him his extra one. He wouldn’t take any money for it either. Phil couldn’t remember his name – just that he was retired Navy. I can’t believe we have a tailgate exactly like the one we wanted. It’s just too bizarre.

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