No Dinosaurs in Cali

January 8
We went to a museum today with J and her kids. It was ok. For eight bucks I expected a bit more. I mean, cripe, I can get a ticket to the discount movie theater for that. I could have gone and see the last Hobbit flick.

But I did enjoy it. We sat through two mini movies, which would have been better if some of the equipment wasn’t broken. They had six screens in a circle, two of which were broken. So, we did not get the full view – I saw the tusks of the mastodon, but most of his body was missing.

The very large fossils that were dug up in this area were cool to see. Those mastodons and mammoths were, well, mammoth. As in huge. I knew that, but seeing the skull of one sitting on the floor next to me and realizing that the skull alone was almost waist high was pretty wild. I can’t imagine going after one of these critters on foot with a pointy stick.

One thing I did learn was that most of California was under water during the dinosaur age, hence no dinosaur fossils. I found that pretty interesting. I also learned that camels originated in North America, as did llamas. Wild. Apparently, there is a camel farm down in San Diego somewhere. Might have to check that out.

Rock Climbing

Let’s see, I was going to talk about something today. What was it? Oh, yeah. Climbing. J and I picked up a couple of Groupon specials for a rock climbing gym for the two older girls. At $35 for a month, it seemed a good deal. J called and was told that the climbing equipment was included.

We got there and a cute young guy, Justin or Travis maybe, helped us get registered and then asked for six bucks each for the equipment rental. He said it would be due every time they came to climb. J and I looked at each other and explained that we were told it was included. He wasn’t going to give, but then J talked to him in her sweet manner and of course he caved. Thank goodness.

He gave the girls a very brief introduction to the ropes and then dropped us like a hot potato, going back up to the front desk. J and I crossed glances again, expecting a bit more hand holding from him. But the girls got hooked up, and climbed up the wall like pros.

It was amazing to watch my girl scale the wall. She looked so strong and healthy up there, hanging 20 feet up. The girls did two climbs back to back and then took a break, shaking their arms. Rock climbing is pretty good exercise. I am a bit surprised that she took to it so well, but she has always had a bit of an interest in parkour. It was a lot of fun to watch them climb. Not scary at all.

Oh, I am so done – continue tomorrow.

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