500 Words or More, Jacob Special

So yeah, here we are in Texas, having recently met my new half brother, Aaron. Yep, he was concealed from me for 17 years. It sounds like something from a bad anime, here we are just sitting around, and then BAM, half brother, also sister in law and nephew. I can’t wait until he gets old so that he can call me UNCLE JACOB. Woohoo! Anyways, pretty uneventful. We’ve been spending a lot of time at his house, which, unfortunately contains three cats and two sugar gliders, all of which I am desperately allergic to. Alright, 95 words, we’re doing good. Aaron showed us some of his drawings because apparently he has been drawing since he was in elementary school, I wish I had a head start like that. I guess art runs in the family because he is way better than me and Madeline. Also, he made this star wars armor, look at it. Actually, I can’t find the link, oh well. It did exist though, and it looked awesome.

*Insert Dinner Break*

I just got back from dinner with everyone at Sweet Tomatoes. It was pretty good, but I have been to a better one before. I may have accidentally had some wheat in my potato soup, but nobody really knows. Right now, everyone is playing golf (the card game, not the thing with the clubs.) I am sitting here, writing my blog post while they play because I don’t really feel like playing.

Tonight, Madeline and myself are going to start the D&D campaign. She is playing two characters. I won’t tell you their names, because I don’t want to be traced back to this blog, as I have previously stated. Needless to say, I have some pretty good ideas that should be awesome. There is a character or two that I really want to use. Muhahahaha! First of all, I need to make a good board and stuff. That should be either really easy, or really hard.

Alright, 200 words left (ish) What else has been happening? Well, I’ve been trying to do school, and have been pretty successful. I haven’t done much math yet because I’ve been feeling terrible. I have, though been doing some medical courses of lifelong health. They are quite interesting, and I’ve been using a 5 pound weight while it is going… Did you know that supplements are classified as foods, and are thus not screened by the FDA for quality and toxicity. Also, they are pretty useless. It’s much easier to just get your stuff from actual foods. Also, do not feed unorganic food to young people, as the dosage is much higher than in adults. Just sayin…

Okay so mom is rushing me to get done but she won’t let me stop in the middle because I can’t just stop and I have to be sociable and all that good stuff. So here I am pulling words from the aether to fill in the extra space that needs filling. I don’t even think I will finish my-


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