The dragging was resumed a few days ago when I was taken to Santibel island for seven hours. What was it like, you ask of poor Jacob? Madeline promised shopping centers and high rises! None were to be found! That island had nothing at all. Perhaps she was mistaken, Fort Myers beach was the bustling center of trade that was  assured to us! I will discourse on that in an indeterminate amount of time. Until then, my captive audience shall hear of my exploits at the islet of oddities.

We began what was to be a lengthy voyage at noon, leaving my drawing unfinished. After a 40 minute drive, we arrived at pine island. The place was crowded, well, it seemed crowded to me, and what does poor, harmless Jacob know? But I digress…not that that’s a bad thing. The first place we invaded was a National Habitat, a national park for animals. We were lectured for a time, but then we were abducted onto the boat and driven about for a bit. It was cold and windy, but I suppose that it was worth it now that I look back.

I do not recall what happened next. We drove about for a bit, and eventually ended up at a restaurant because we were physically incapable of leaving the island. You can check out anytime you want, but you can never leave.  The traffic is impossible, and the wait is long. We were still hostages until six, so we visited the beach. You may guess the rest of the story. We left after dark and got home at some blasphemous hour with me nearly unconscious.

A while later, though, we visited Fort Myer’s beach to visit dad’s old boss. We went out for food. I devoured the Greek salad, and gazed longingly at everyone elses food, all of which had wheat in it. Except for mom’s greek salad, which was devoured by me also.

After the food, we took a ride on their boat out into the ocean. Alas! The internet is before me and I do not have a proper adjective! I need a word that means fun, fast, wet, and salty. Yes, the sea jumped into my mouth.

I have nothing else to report. Painful?



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